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    Social Media - KlikDokter
    Social Media - KlikDokter
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    Social Media - KlikDokter is a health communication, information and education portal site for the medical community and the public. Since its establishment in 2008, has carried out the vision and mission of providing communication, information, medical education for the medical and non-medical community.

    • SOCIAL MEDIA LIVE - It is a digital talk show with expertise and lead by moderator to create more engagement with target audience.
    • •Target audience can write questions related to the topic during live talk show and the expertise will answer the question directly.
    • •Due to the physical distancing suggestion from the government, we will do the talk show in separate location.
    • •Brand can choose to live in Facebook & Youtube or Instagram.
    • •Detail’s on live technical guide document
    • WEBINAR - It is a discussion forum between health care practitioners such as doctor, pharmacist, and midwife.
    • •A moderator will lead the session.
    • •Webinar will be held live via YouTube.
    • •Brand can put their logo during the live webinar session.
    • •Detail’s on live technical guide document
    • Registration
    • Webinar Session Medical Education by Expert, Brand Presentation and Q&A
    • Evaluation We will send link to all participants via WA, participants can give feedback about the webinar
    • Access for All
    • People can access and watch the webinar session after live with the same link
    • Step
    • Webinar For HCP
    • (Non SKP & SKP)
    • Performance : 500 Participants