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    Outstream VDO - JOOX
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    Outstream VDO - JOOX

    Joox is a music streaming service that is available as an app accessible from mobile and desktop, the platform is a freemium service with a library of about 30M songs that are free, some songs are only available for premium users. A wide range of songs available across different languages to cater to the local market, apart from English songs.

    • Every 5 songs or 15 mins
    • Positions: Outstram VDO (User's screen must be on use)
    • Channel : Music Player
    • Lenght : 15 Secs
    • VDO : MP 4 750 W * 500 H, 750W * 422H, 750W * 563H
    • Audio : ACC/Bitrate 48 64 Kbps
    • Target : non VIP user only